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Frequent Asked Questions

1. What are the requirements for the job? 2017-01-09T22:24:19+00:00

The requirements for the job are:
1. Must be at least 18 years old.
2. Able to swim 500 meters (550 yards) in a pool in 10 minutes or less.
3. CURRENT certifications of: CPR for the Professional Rescuer, Lifeguarding, and First Aid (valid thru time of employment).

2. What is the salary? 2017-01-09T22:24:58+00:00

Lifeguards are paid every week. The average pay is $500-$525 a week. Gross pay varies from each stand assessment. A first-year guard can expect to make about $500 a week. Guards who work equipment stands can also expect to make daily tips.

3. Do you provide your lifeguards with housing and what’s the cost of housing per month? Do you require a security deposit? 2017-01-17T16:47:37+00:00

Lack’s Beach Service hires many guards from all over Europe, Canada and Australia. We employ guards from different geographical areas, therefore we work with you to ensure housing.

Lack’s offers temporary and permanent housing for lifeguards.
Typically the price of the housing will be $100 dollars per week. A $200 dollars security deposit is required at the time of arrival and will be given back to you as long as housing contracts have not been violated.
The number of residents in each house varies from 8 to 12 people with 2 to 4 people per room.

4. What is the distance from housing to work? 2017-01-10T00:56:10+00:00

We have several different houses at different locations, the distance from the housing varies between 3-5 miles to the warehouse check point.

5. Do you provide transportation to work? Is it free? 2017-01-10T01:02:42+00:00

We are providing a daily van transportation from housing to work and back. This transportation is free of charge.

6. Will somebody pick me up from the airport when I arrive to Myrtle Beach, since I’m not familiar with the area? 2017-01-10T01:31:19+00:00

Yes, are picking up our employees from the airport Monday thru Saturday from 7am to 7pm. You must keep us updated on your travel plans.

7. Do you sponsor a visa? 2017-01-10T01:32:13+00:00

Lack’s does not sponsor visas.  All international applicants must meet requirements for a J1 student visa.  There are many sponsors, a few of them  are:




8. Do you use E-verify? 2017-01-10T01:44:40+00:00

Yes, Lack’s Beach Service is enrolled in E-verify and we have to verify all students in order to make sure that they are eligible to legally work in USA.

9. Will you help me get the necessary paperwork done such as social security card, bank account etc.? 2017-01-10T01:43:41+00:00

Yes, we’ll assist you throughout the entire process in order to help you to get all the documents done properly.

10. Does Lack’s have any cell phone policy? 2017-01-11T13:56:43+00:00

Yes. Usage of cell phones is not allowed on the public beach at any time.

11. Am I going to get trained for the job? 2017-01-10T01:39:42+00:00


All Rookie Guard employees have to attend a Rookie School, which is a 5 day training on the beach and in the classroom. During the Rookie School, you’ll receive training from Training managers, Police Officers, Beach patrol, Emergency Medical Services and National Weather Service representatives.

Also, every employee has to attend the Surf School every week. Surf schools are weekly in-service training for all lifeguards to attend.  Each week is a different topic on first aid and lifeguarding. We have in-service training to keep our skills sharp and to practice swimming in the ocean.