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Our Team

George Lack

Owner #102

“I consider working with the young adults of the world a privilege. I hope that any influence that I have on them is positive. They are the next new leaders!”

Weslyn Lack Chickering

Operation Manager #100

“I Love to watch Gamecock football in the fall. Love mexican food. Love to laugh. Truly believe the ocean is mother natures most amazing creation!”

Keith Moore

Marriott/Ocean Watch Manager #501

“I am the only man that I know of, that at my age goes to work everyday barefooted and wearing a bathing suit!”

Joe Beach

North Beach Service Manager #301

“Every girl’s summer dream! Go Tigers!”

Brandon Wiley

South Strand Beach Service Manager #401

“Love what you do and you will never work a day of your life.”

Wesley Cox

Central Beach Service Manager #201

“I am suspicious of people who don’t like dogs. But I totally trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.”

Randy Smith

 Lack’s Beach Service Manager #101

“Teaching martial arts has been a passion of mine for over forty years. Instilling discipline through focus and consistent hard training is the key to building the confidence to become great at what you do.”