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Lack’s Beach Service employs about 150 seasonal lifeguards.

Our season is March till October, but peak season is Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Lack’s lifeguards have a dual role position. The role of a Lack’s lifeguard is considered a dual role; meaning guards not only maintain beach and water safety but are in charge of renting beach umbrellas and beach chairs. Being a dual role lifeguard, you receive special training in order to maintain a high safety standard. Lack’s Beach Service also employs a handful of lifeguards specifically to uphold beach and water safety which are Lifeguard Only Positions.

As well as many professional skills, you will have the opportunity to meet people from all around the country and the world. Many guards build strong friendships with each other which lead to lifelong friends nationally and worldwide.

Ocean Lifeguarding                     Pool Lifeguarding


Once accepted for employment, the paperwork and handbook will be reviewed.  After this has been done, you will be placed on the beach with a veteran lifeguard to shadow for three days.  During this time you and the veteran lifeguard will go over a list of criteria such as using the 2-way radio, professionalism, identify hazards and ocean conditions.  Not until both rookie and veteran guard feel completely confident will the rookie guard be placed at a stand alone.

Rookie School

Each rookie guard participates in county wide Ocean Rescue Academy.  The training is after work for a few nights on the beach practicing and learning different rescue techniques.

Each rookie guard participates in county wide Ocean Rescue Academy.
The training is after work for 5 consecutive nights on the beach and in the classroom. All Rookie Guards are practicing and learning different rescue techniques, rescue scenarios, potential beach hazards and aquatic life.

Surf School

Surf schools are weekly in-service training for all lifeguards to attend.  Each week is a different topic on first aid and lifeguarding. We have in-service training to keep our skills sharp and to practice swimming in the ocean.

Housing for our Lifeguards

Lack’s Beach Service hires many guards from all over Europe, Canada and Australia.  We employ guards from different geographical areas, therefore we work with you to ensure housing. Lack’s offers temporary and permanent housing for lifeguards.

Typically the price of the housing will be $100 dollars per week. A $200 dollar security deposit is required at the time of arrival and will be given back to you as long as housing contracts have not been violated. The number of residents in each house varies from 8 to 12 people with 2 to 4 people per room.

Other opportunities for housing outside of the company are offered through local real estate agencies in which the guards acquire themselves.  The Myrtle Beach area is populated by several apartment complexes and housing opportunities. Check out the links below for assistance finding housing on your own.

River Oaks

Myrtle Wood

Choosing the right place to live during your time in Myrtle Beach is very important. We have several options of housing available for you here.


  • AAE Fountainbleu Inn – 701 Flagg Street (7th Ave N, 2 blocks from beach) – Ask for Nicole, 843-448-8461 or 843-457-6644
  • Beachwalk – 1701 17th Ave S – Ask for Miss Kay (off on Tuesdays), 843-626-8470
  • Court Capri – 2610 N Ocean Blvd, Ask for Debbie, 843-448-6119
  • Crepe Myrtle Inn – 401 7th Ave North – Ask for Bob, 843-448-3938 or 843-444-0551
  • Hurl Rock Motel  – 2010 S Ocean Blvd – Ask for Keith, 843-626-3531
  • Joe-Jan Motel – 208 Chester Street – Ask for Anna – 843-626-3028
  • Lancer Motel – 606 N Kings Hwy – 843-448-7134
  • Mid Town Motor Inn – 309 8th Ave North – Ask for Joey, 843-448-6942
  • Ocean West Motel – 204 N Kings Hwy – Ask for Kyle, 843-626-9056 or 843-385-5953
  • Oasis Motel  – 704 York Street (between 7th & 8th Ave North, 2 blocks from beach) – Ask for Shai, Day – 843-839-0500 or Night – 717-404-8545, email:
  • Peggy Ann Apartments – 316 4th Ave South – Contact or call 757-412-8088 or 901-504-9963
  • Sea Cove Motel – 305 N Ocean Blvd – Ask for Robert or Tyra, 843-448-3242
  • Sea Park & Dolphin Motels – 1501 N Ocean Blvd – Ask for Sara or Judy, 843-283-1094
  • Seaway Apartments – 303 3rd Ave North – Ask for Sylvia or James, 843-448-3004
  • Suburban Extended Stay Hotel – 730 Frontage Road East – Ask for Jamika or Acy, 843-448-4884

Avoiding Scams

Many students have found housing on, a popular website for housing and other services with local pages.  Craigslist recommends that you follow the following tips to avoid would-be scammers:

  • Choose an economical motel for the summer.
  • Check out approved motels for students on our Listings page.
  • Call motels to inquire about availability of rooms.


If you are interested in renting chairs and umbrellas during your stay in Myrtle Beach, please contact us for our rates.  Please provide us with the location of your hotel or condo. During our peak season (June-August), we will have rentals available in each of our strand locations.  However, in the off season, we may have limited availability.  If you are planning on staying in Myrtle Beach all season please call us for seasonal rates.

George Lack, the founder of Lack’s Beach Service and North Beach Service is also the founder of Lack’s Outdoor Furniture. Lack’s Outdoor Furniture manufactures commercial grade beach umbrellas, market umbrellas, beach chairs, beach cabanas and more for Resorts and Beach services around the world.  If you are interested in purchasing from Lack’s Outdoor Furniture please visit the website.

Emergency Response Team

The Ocean Rescue Team is a team designed to maintain beach and water safety after lifeguard duties have ended for the evening.

The team is a small group of volunteer guards who work from 5 PM until 7 PM in the evening during peak season.  The Ocean Rescue Team works directly with beach patrol in responding to all emergencies.

Ocean Rescue Team is made up of our elite lifeguards who are chosen to participate in after hours beach and water safety. They receive specialized training with vehicles and watercraft.  Members also receive special amenities such as dinners, social gatherings, and special uniforms.  Guards who meet exceptionally high standards and have strong leadership roles receive awards given by the beach service and the Myrtle Beach Beach Patrol to show appreciation.


We are picking up our Lifeguards from the Airport Monday through Saturday 7 AM – 7 PM. We please all guards to schedule their flights during this time period 7 AM – 7 PM. Please keep us updated on your travel plans.

For first-time Lifeguards, those not accustomed to driving, getting around Myrtle Beach can seem complicated. Luckily, there are several easy ways to get around that take no knowledge of the area and little effort on your part.

Taxi Services in Myrtle Beach

For Lifeguards arriving at Myrtle Beach International Airport, taxis are located at the end of the main terminal building past the baggage claim area.  There are always several taxis on call in this area with vehicles in all sizes to accommodate all types of travelers.

Here’s the most popular taxi service:

City Cab of Myrtle Beach
9430 Leeds Circle, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Coast RTA Bus Service

Coast RTA Public Transit serves Horry and Georgetown counties — covering Myrtle Beach and most of the Grand Strand.

The service offers eight bus routes covering the most popular parts of the Myrtle Beach area, from rural connections to the cities to shuttles to some of the area’s top attractions. The cost of the shuttle ranges from $1.50 for adults with discounts available for seniors, students, children and Medicaid recipients, to free for tourist-oriented routes such as the Broadway at the Beach shuttle.

For a full list and detailed map of all routes served by Coast RTA, visit 

Uber Ride Service

A popular option in many larger cities, in 2014 the Uber transportation network expanded its UberX low-cost ride service to the Myrtle Beach area.

The app-based car service uses a smartphone app to allow customers to request rides around the Myrtle Beach area and sends qualified drivers to pick them up in their own vehicles. UberX charges a base fee of $1.95 per ride, plus per minute and per mile rates that can often be the same or lower than a taxi service.

If you’re planning to visit the Grand Strand and will need a ride once you arrive at Myrtle Beach International Airport, there are several options to choose from. Public transportation in the Myrtle Beach area includes taxis, shuttles, ride services, and buses, that can get you to and from the airport, as well as around town during your stay.

Are You Interested?

Get in touch with us at 843 4487741. We’ll gladly offer you our advice, or if you are ready to apply submit your Application.