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Our Typical Day in Myrtle Beach

Arrive at our warehouse to recieve 2-way radio, rental books and an overview of weather and ocean conditions.

7 AM-7:30 AM Morning Check-in.

Setting up of rental equipment including beach chairs and umbrellas as well as lifeguard stations with all appropriate attire. Not all lifeguard stands require a 2 hour set up, but all stands must be ready for customers at 9 AM.

8 AM Flag Up - Lifeguard on Duty.

Maintain beach safety by enforcing Myrtle Beach city and County ordinances, rent equipment, handle lost and found children and do any rescues and first aid if necessary.

8 AM-5 PM Maintain Beach Safety!

Of Course With a 45 Minute Lunch Break.

At exactly 5 PM 'blow down' is called. All lifeguards must leave the beach. Lifeguard are then required to check-in to the warehouse. Check-in is a quick and organized daily procedure.

5 PM Blow Down!

A team is a small group of volunteer guards who work from 5 PM until 7 PM in the evening during peak season. The Ocean Rescue Team works directly with beach patrol in responding to all emergencies.

After 5 PM Emergency Response Team.

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